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Dragon giveaway

Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Congratulations to Margaret, the winner of The Dragon Doc’s holiday dragon giveaway! It’s been a couple weeks since the adorable hatchling was rehomed with her, and I hope all is going well. I’ve been checking the reports for house fires in her area daily, and I haven’t heard … Read more

Rainy Day Dragon Facts

Hello Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Welcome! It’s great to see you here. I haven’t seen a single sick or injured dragon on this grey, rainy day in Idaho (though I shouldn’t type that out loud… the day isn’t over!). That’s a welcome relief, since the respiratory infections have been *harsh* this fall.  The … Read more

Dragons in Autumn

Dear Readers, I dearly love the many colors of autumn, not to mention the cooler temperatures that arrive with them. And one of my favorite autumn activities is looking for dragons. ? Why? Because the red, orange, and yellow-hued dragons leverage the season to get out-and-about a bit more. Sure, they still camouflage themselves, but … Read more

Dragon Party

Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Fittingly, when my daughter turned three years old, she requested a dragon party. ?? And that was right up my alley! So, how did we pull it off? First, by a huge stroke of luck, the birthday girl made her request shortly following Chinese New Year’s Day that … Read more

Teenage Dragons and Popcorn

Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Well, at least the dragon respiratory infections are waning. This season has been rough, although getting to see so many dragon hatchlings (soooooo cute!!!) tends to help. But now it’s “popcorn-itis” season. Ugh!  What is “popcorn-itis,” you ask? In short, it’s a dumb teenage dragon thing. See, adolescent … Read more

Sneezing Dragons

Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,     Whew! What a crazy few weeks. My week on call for emergencies for “real” patients (you know, dogs and cats and the occasional small mammal) coincided with the absolute WORST week for respiratory infections in juvenile dragons. In other words, I’ve been BUSY. And constantly dodging fire … Read more

Road Trip! With dragons

Hello Readers, The Dragon Doc Tales are progressing nicely! Deep editing to be finished shortly, and website in progress. If you haven’t already, please follow The Dragon Doc on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc for some fun drawings, photos, and stories about dragons. Excerpt from chapter #15, “Road Trip”: ? ? ? ? ?     … Read more