Dr. S.K. Burkman

Originally from Colorado and British Columbia, Dr. S.K. Burkman earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University. As a busy veterinarian, she keeps her sanity by writing about dragons. Many of her own adventures and misadventures are woven into her novels.

On a summer day long ago, Dr. Burkman climbed a mountain, got sick, and hallucinated a dragon. Thus began a lifelong fascination with dragons, and many, many exhaustion-fueled musings on what they might be like as patients. Eventually, she put pen-to-paper (or fingers-to-keyboard, although that’s not quite so poetic) and created The Dragon Doc Tales series: the cozy, humorous fantasy tales about a veterinarian with rather unusual patients.

Outside of work and writing, Dr. Burkman enjoys travel, hiking, backpacking, dad jokes, cake baking and decorating, power tools, DIY construction projects, and looking for dragons. She has been married to Joshua for over twenty years, and they have one child. She and her family reside in Idaho with their motley assortment of pets, and maybe, just maybe, a dragon or two.

Dr. Burkman, what is your…

  • Wildest travel adventure? Hmm… I can think of several, but getting locked out of my apartment in Tokyo late at night ranks high on the list.
  • Most interesting place to do surgery? An abandoned warehouse in South America.
  • Craziest wildlife encounter? While backpacking high in the Colorado mountains, I spent an uneasy night listening to mountain lions screaming nearby. Super cool but extremely eerie.
  • Most dangerous patients? Besides dragons? Cats! And one angry Pomeranian that scrambled my middle finger joint.

Questions for Dr. Burkman? Please reach out!

A Sneak Peek Into Dr. S.K. Burkman’s Vet Life