Squeaky Hatchling


Squeaky Hatchling


SQUEAK!…squeak? Most veterinarians don’t have patients crash-landing in the parking lot. But then, most veterinarians don’t see dragons. After years of treating these rather unusual patients, the Dragon Doc still finds dragons impossible to predict. In Squeaky Hatchling, the sequel to Wings and Wounds, Doc and her young daughter, Ember, encounter a dragon with a peculiar, noisy problem that turns out to have a surprising source. She and her daughter team up to help him, but can they save him before it’s too late?

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, The Lady Trent Memoirs, or All Creatures Great and Small, you will love The Dragon Doc Tales series.

Praise for Squeaky Hatchling

“Do dragons squeak? They’re not supposed to… time to call The Dragon Doc! Read this adorable tale and prepare to laugh yourself silly. Dr. S. K. Burkman has a way with words and wyrms.”  —NJ Gallegos, Author of The Broken Heart

“Like James Herriot went to Hogwarts.”  —L.S.

This was a cute story that made me want to read more about this awesome veterinarian who helps dragons. I love the family feel to the story, the scientific spin, and the portrayal of dragons as intelligent and considerate creatures rather than rampaging brutes.” —A.R. Grimes

The Dragon Doc Tales: Squeaky Hatchling cover

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