Squeaky Hatchling


Squeaky Hatchling


A protective mother dragon, a sick hatchling, and a noisy medical mystery. Just another day at the office for the Dragon Doc.

Doc is an ordinary veterinarian with a knack for treating extraordinary cases. At Doc’s clinic, dragons aren’t just legendary creatures — they’re patients in need of expert care, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

When a young dragon arrives with a strange, noisy ailment, Doc and her daughter, Ember, face a perplexing mystery. With the hatchling’s health deteriorating and his mother keeping a fierce, watchful eye, Doc must determine the source of his unusual symptoms before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Doc has her own parental troubles as Ember insists on helping with a potentially dangerous procedure. But with no one else to turn to, this mother-daughter duo may be the hatchling’s only hope. 

Can Doc and her daughter uncover the cause of the dragon’s distress in time? Find out in the latest entry of the enchanting Dragon Doc Tales series! Dragon enthusiasts and fans of House in the Cerulean Sea, Legends and Lattes, and The Lady Trent Memoirs will be captivated by this heartwarming sequel to the Dragon Doc’s first novel, Wings and Wounds.

Praise for Squeaky Hatchling

“Do dragons squeak? They’re not supposed to… time to call The Dragon Doc! Read this adorable tale and prepare to laugh yourself silly. Dr. S. K. Burkman has a way with words and wyrms.”  —N.J. Gallegos, Author of The Broken Heart

A cute story that made me want to read more about this awesome veterinarian who helps dragons. I love the family feel to the story, the scientific spin, and the portrayal of dragons as intelligent and considerate creatures rather than rampaging brutes.” —A.R. Grimes, Author of The Wyldling Dream Series

“Like James Herriot went to Hogwarts.”  —L.S.

The Dragon Doc Tales: Squeaky Hatchling cover

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