Fun Facts About Dragons

Did You Know…

…that dragons make popcorn???

Adolescent dragons sometimes get their kicks by visiting cornfields at night in the fall, once the standing corn has dried out.

They take big mouthfuls of dried corn and then breathe fire on it, popping corn in their mouths. If you’re hoping to witness this phenomenon, try staking out a corn maze after dark, where the cornstalks are tallest and there are plenty of places to hide. But don’t get your hopes up. Dragons are REALLY talented at evasion.

More Fun Facts About Dragons

Dragon teeth are similar to those of crocodiles and alligators. If a tooth gets broken, over time the tooth is shed and replaced by a new tooth. Cool! The term for this type of dentition is “polyphyodont.”

Did you know? Dragons are quite fond of copper, and bits of copper piping, copper pots, pans, and kettles, copper wiring, and more are commonly found in dragon hoards.

Very young dragons sometimes practice their camouflage skills by playing “peek-a-boo” with young humans, only to disguise themselves when the parents are looking. So if your small child talks about dragons, it might not be his or her imagination.

It’s not unusual to see a Wyrm, or mature dragon, with a missing toe or two, or a permanent hole in a wing. As they grow older, dragons tend to become a bit… ahem… vain, and they often pride themselves on their “battle-worn” appearance. Though most likely, none of their injuries had anything to do with battle.

Dragon horns and spikes are made of keratin, similar to the horns of goats, rhinoceroses, and many other animals. But the keratin of dragon horns grows in a matrix pattern, which makes their horns unusually tough and difficult to break.

The kidneys in dragons are huge! Kidneys eliminate waste from the bloodstream, and much of the waste comes from proteins. Therefore dragons can eat high protein meals (carrion, anyone?), and easily eliminate the resulting waste products. Their large and efficient kidneys make dragons unlikely to develop kidney disease.