Fun Facts About Dragons

Did you know… that dragons make popcorn???

Fun facts: adolescent dragons sometimes get their kicks by visiting cornfields at night in the fall, once the standing corn has dried out.

They take big mouthfuls of dried corn and then breathe fire on it, popping corn in their mouths. If you’re hoping to witness this phenomenon, try staking out a corn maze after dark, where the cornstalks are tallest and there are plenty of places to hide. But don’t get your hopes up. Dragons are REALLY talented at evasion.

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More Fun Facts About Dragons

Now and then, when dragons think no one is looking, they play with dog toys they’ve found. So if your dog’s toy goes missing outdoors, it might have been swiped by a dragon. And if you ever find it again, it just might be covered in dragon slobber.

Dragons sometimes hoard odd things. This includes decorations from your garden, such as wind chimes, pretty flower pots, and even garden gnomes. Actual item found in a dragon’s hoard: a colorful ceramic garden gnome riding a frog.

Did you know? Pet shampoo that’s formulated to remove skunk odor works quite well to remove dragon breath weapon odor. Unfortunately, I can attest to that based on personal experience.

Did you know? Dragons sometimes accidentally breathe fire when they sneeze or belch. If this happens at the same time a dragon passes gas, then things get a bit… ahem… exciting.

Did you know? Dragons are quite fond of copper. Bits of copper piping, pots, pans, kettles, wiring, and more are commonly found in dragon hoards.

Actual item found in a dragon’s hoard: small drawstring bag filled with colorful polished stones, just like the ones you will find in many gift shops for $5 per bag.