Wings and Wounds


Wings and Wounds


Hi. I’m Doc, a veterinarian who sees dogs and cats, but also happens to see rather unusual patients: dragons. If this sounds unlikely to you, I can’t blame you, but it’s true. If you’d asked me years ago, I would have confidently said that dragons didn’t exist. Yet, here we are.

Dragons are supposed to be these magical, infallible beasts that hoard treasure and are enemies to humans and difficult to vanquish. Well, forget everything you ever thought you knew about dragons. In truth, they try to avoid humans, and their hoards are… not what you’d think. Dragons are intelligent but not infallible creatures, and are just as prone to injuries and diseases as any other animals. That’s where I come in. But as patients, dragons are, shall we say, a bit more challenging than dogs and cats. Just ask me how much burn cream I go through.

Join me as I recall my adventures—er, misadventures— in dragon medicine. From my first chance encounter with a dragon on a mountain, to my panic when dragons visited my clinic; from the introduction of dragons to my staff and family with decidedly mixed reactions, to my harrowing flirtation with death, and all the near catastrophes along the way… let’s just say, life with dragons is never dull.

Squeaky Hatchling

SQUEAK!…squeak? Most veterinarians don’t have patients crash-landing in the parking lot. But then, most veterinarians don’t see dragons. After years of treating these rather unusual patients, the Dragon Doc still finds dragons impossible to predict. She and her young daughter, Ember, encounter a dragon with a peculiar, noisy problem that turns out to have a surprising source. Doc and her daughter team up to help him, but can they save him before it’s too late?

If you enjoyed Harry Potter, The Lady Trent Memoirs, or All Creatures Great and Small, don’t miss The Dragon Doc Tales series. Squeaky Hatchling, the sequel to Wings and Wounds (coming soon), is Dr. S. K. Burkman’s debut mini-novel.

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