Tech in Crisis

  Meeting a dragon can be terrifying. Luckily my first exposure to dragons happened when my brain was impaired due to acute mountain sickness, so I was fascinated rather than frightened. Granted, I was petrified later when the same dragon came along once my brain was back to normal function. But at the least my … Read more

Tech Meets Dragon

    Dragons had the canny ability to determine what days I worked and when I was alone at the veterinary clinic. Or more likely, they hid nearby and watched the clinic, keeping track of who entered and left the building. But if dragons were hiding in the area, to my knowledge none of my colleagues … Read more

Dragon Toes and Horrible Odors

    Only three days after the fire-sneezing dragon, I left the veterinary clinic relatively early for once, having suffered through a day of difficult cases, cranky staff, aggressive pets, and hostile pet owners. Not wanting to suffer through stacks of records as well, I decided to call it a day. The staff had all left … Read more

Fiery Sneezes

The fact that I had not only witnessed, but also treated, two living, breathing dragons, each on two different occasions at that, became a delicious secret that I carried with me constantly. Dragons fluttered on the margins of my thoughts during all interactions at work and home, and they soared and dived and swooped through … Read more

Revisited, with Another

Four months had passed since the dragon from the mountain visited me at the veterinary clinic. I hadn’t said a word to anyone at work about what happened that night. Who would believe me? I could barely accept that it happened myself, although there was plenty of evidence that it had.  The blister from struggling … Read more

First Clinic Encounter

It had been less than two years since I graduated from veterinary college, and I was in the very bad habit of staying late after work. Finishing records in a timely manner was a skill that still eluded me (and something I’ve never completely mastered). Also, I found complicated internal medicine cases intriguing but often … Read more

Where It All Began

Frequently I’m asked how I, as a small animal veterinarian accustomed to dogs and cats, started practicing veterinary medicine on creatures that are supposed to exist only in fantasy stories: dragons.  The shortest answer is that it’s all due to circumstance, luck, and my own stupidity while I was almost dying on a mountain. It’s … Read more