Do you live in Idaho, or have any reason to visit the Gem State this summer? Mark your calendars for June 28-30. I’ll be signing books at the Mystic Realms Fantasy Fair! 

Ultimate Guide to Dragon Hoarding

Dragons of myth and legend are famous for fiercely guarding their treasure hoards of gold and gems. For a dragon veterinarian, treasure hoarding is a fascinating, enigmatic habit to study. Have you ever wondered whether the hoarding trope is historically accurate?

Ultimate Guide to Dragon Farts

As part of the fun of writing about dragons, I am often consulted as an “expert” on dragon anatomy and physiology. This means I field questions such as, “Do dragons fart? If so, do they fart fire?” Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Dragon Farts.

Dragons Steal Dog Toys

Ever find yourself looking around your yard for a missing dog toy, thinking, “Now where could that have gone?” Dr. Burkman has a possible explanation.


What is a dragon’s favorite appetizer? Please help Dr. Burkman find dragon jokes that are better than the “dad jokes” on


I’m happy to announce The Dragon Doc PHOTO CONTEST! Pets in dragon costumes? Pets with dragon toys? Pet dragons? I want to see them all!

Book Review

For a change of pace I’ll be posting some book reviews, primarily of cozy fantasy works besides my own. First up: The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune.