Dragon Party

Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Fittingly, when my daughter turned three years old, she requested a dragon party. ?? And that was right up my alley! So, how did we pull it off? First, by a huge stroke of luck, the birthday girl made her request shortly following Chinese New Year’s Day that … Read more

Teenage Dragons and Popcorn

Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Well, at least the dragon respiratory infections are waning. This season has been rough, although getting to see so many dragon hatchlings (soooooo cute!!!) tends to help. But now it’s “popcorn-itis” season. Ugh!  What is “popcorn-itis,” you ask? In short, it’s a dumb teenage dragon thing. See, adolescent … Read more

Sneezing Dragons

Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,     Whew! What a crazy few weeks. My week on call for emergencies for “real” patients (you know, dogs and cats and the occasional small mammal) coincided with the absolute WORST week for respiratory infections in juvenile dragons. In other words, I’ve been BUSY. And constantly dodging fire … Read more

Road Trip! With dragons

Hello Readers, The Dragon Doc Tales are progressing nicely! Deep editing to be finished shortly, and website in progress. If you haven’t already, please follow The Dragon Doc on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc for some fun drawings, photos, and stories about dragons. Excerpt from chapter #15, “Road Trip”: ? ? ? ? ?     … Read more

Dragon Treasure Hoard

Excerpt from “Puppy Dog Dragon,” Chapter 11 of The Dragon Doc Tales: ? ? ? ? ?      As I rubbed and scratched the leathery scales over his head and neck, he sniffed and nibbled at my necklace and earrings, abruptly abandoning those to nibble at my rings whenever my hands left his head….    … Read more

New and Upcoming Developments

Hello Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,     Whew, there is a lot going on in The Dragon Doc World! First, The Dragon Doc is now on Twitter. Feel free to say hello @IAmTheDragonDoc! Facebook and Instagram coming soon, whenever I have time to set those up in between treating dragons.     Speaking of dragons, … Read more

Big News for The Dragon Doc Tales!

Dear Reader of The Dragon Doc Tales,     Please forgive last week’s radio silence. Two big things happened since TDDT’s last post!      First, my very talented illustrator started her fall semester in school. Seventh Grade is keeping her extremely busy, and a dragon drawing for the blog was simply too much last week. However she … Read more

A Word About The Dragon Doc Tales

Dear Reader, What you’ve read thus far are samples of The Dragon Doc Tales. As many of you know, the Tales contain many elements of real-life experiences. For instance, I truly developed High Altitude Cerebral Edema while hiking Humphrey’s Peak in Arizona, and I actually saw a dragon. I wish I could say that she … Read more


        Settling into Idaho was a mixed experience. We moved in February, shortly after a 65 degree Christmas Day in Arizona, and I remained an icicle for weeks in the frigid Idaho winter. Keeping up with laundry became an unexpected challenge, as I churned through layers and layers and layers of socks and shirts … Read more

Introducing My Illustrator

For a change of pace, I’d like to introduce my illustrator, Jaedynn, alias “Caesar.” The artist at work Aside from drawing….  Jaedynn also paints….  Creates digital graphics…. And she sculpts, too! When she’s not busy creating art, Jaedynn enjoys piano and horseback riding. She also loves sharks and is passionate about shark conservation. Oh, and … Read more