Congrats to the Winners

Dragon Doc

Congratulations are due to HANNAH, who won this adorable baby dragon! Also congrats to ANGELA, who won a signed copy of Wings and Wounds, and KAT, who opted for a signed copy of Squeaky Hatchling (paperback version coming soon!).

The Dragon Doc’s Holiday Giveaway drawing had over one hundred entries. THANKS to all of you who participated! And once again, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!


The dragon was shipped to Hannah this week, along with care & feeding instructions and health certificate.

Congratulations to the winners
Care and Feeding Instructions for baby dragons
Congratulations to the winners
The Dragon Doc Health Certificate

She seemed excited to travel. I’m just hoping she doesn’t set the health certificate on fire! 😬

Congratulations to the winners

For those of you who did NOT win a dragon or a signed book, better luck next year! In the meantime, Wings and Wounds is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

Squeaky Hatchling is available as an ebook on Amazon for those who would rather not download the free version through Bookfunnel. But remembers, subscribers to The Dragon Doc newsletter may download Squeaky Hatchling for free!


What’s Hatching

  • COMING SOON: Squeaky Hatchling will soon be released in chapbook (small paperback) format!
  • The draft of the next full-length novel in The Dragon Doc Tales series is coming along nicely.

Thanks again to all who participated in The Dragon Doc’s Holiday Giveaway!

As always, thank you for reading my tales. Happy Holidays!

-Dr. S. K. Burkman

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