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I’m not entirely sure how December is already here, but despite my personal time warp, it seems the holidays are upon us. And that means… it’s time for The Dragon Doc’s holiday giveaway! And what, exactly, is Doc giving away? A baby dragon, of course! And TWO signed copies of Wings and Wounds!

holiday giveaway

For those of you who follow The Dragon Doc on social media, I know, I know, this is entirely hypocritical, considering I posted/tweeted a PSA about how dragons do NOT make good Christmas gifts.

For those of you who DON’T follow The Dragon Doc on social media, you are missing out on some funny stuff! Get on it! Scroll down for all the relevant links.

The Dragon Doc social media post: 
“Friendly reminder that baby dragons (or any animals) don’t make good Christmas gifts. They grow rapidly, cannot be safely contained, eat shocking amounts of food, and make unholy messes. Not to mention, the risk of burning down your Christmas tree and entire house is VERY high.”

But I digress! THIS baby dragon will not burn down your house, I promise! And isn’t she adorable?!?!?! 🥺 

holiday giveaway

How to ENTER TO WIN The Dragon Doc Holiday Giveaway

How to enter the drawing for this adorable, peppermint-ish Christmas dragon OR one of two signed copies of Wings and Wounds:

  • First, you MUST BE SUBSCRIBED to enter. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up! BONUS: subscribers have exclusive access to Squeaky Hatchling, my mini-novel, for FREE!
  • Second, reply to your sign-up confirmation e-mail with “I WANT A DRAGON.” That’s one entry!
  • Third, announcements for the baby dragon and book drawing are posted/tweeted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Like the post on Facebook = one entry. Share the post = one entry. Like the tweet = one entry. Retweet? One entry. And so on for Instagram – you get the idea! Comment “I WANT A DRAGON” on any of those social media posts = one entry!
  • Fourth, purchase Wings and Wounds (either ebook or paperback), and get TWO entries! (E-mail me a screenshot of your purchase confirmation). 
holiday giveaway

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, and the prizes will be shipped shortly after. Happy dragon hunting, and good luck!

As always, thank you for reading my tales!

Dr. S. K. Burkman

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