COMING SOON: Fury and Fever, a novelette

Dragon Doc

Get ready for the suspenseful and heartbreaking backstory behind Doc’s first encounter with a dragon… from the dragon’s perspective! Fury and Fever, The Dragon Doc Tales Novelette, is coming soon.

Have you read Wings and Wounds, Book 1 of The Dragon Doc Tales series? Ever wonder how Emerald, the first dragon Doc encountered, was injured? What was going through her mind when Doc approached her, and why didn’t she threaten Doc or flee? Find out the answers to all these little mysteries and more.

If you haven’t read Wings and Wounds yet, you’re missing out! Fury and Fever is a standalone story, however you will appreciate the details much more after reading Wings and Wounds.

The dragon that Doc later names “Emerald” has already survived unimaginable tragedy. When she is injured in a fearsome battle, she flees to seek peace and recovery. Instead, she nearly meets her death. To her surprise, she finds solace and healing from the last creature she would have expected: a human. 

Fury and Fever, The Dragon Doc Tales Novelette, will be ready for publication this year. The cover is currently in the idea stage and will soon be in development.

What do you think the cover of Fury and Fever should look like? Please tell me your ideas! I am grateful for your input.

As always, thank you for reading my tales!


Dr. S.K. Burkman, Author of The Dragon Doc Tales

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