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As part of the fun of writing about dragons, I am often consulted as an “expert” on dragon anatomy and physiology. This means I field questions such as, “Do dragons fart? If so, do they fart fire?” Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Dragon Farts.

Writing a Dragon Fun Fact about flatulence had not previously occurred to me. But here we are…

Do dragons fart fire?

Yes, dragons fart. No, they do not fart fire.

Well… not exactly.

Fun fact about dragons (and dragon farts): like any creature that produces flatulence, dragons emit rather odorous methane-containing gas, which is flammable. This is of no concern, unless the dragon also happens to belch flames at the same time. When this occurs, the dragon’s flatulence may very well catch on fire.

How many forest fires have been caused by dragons simultaneously belching fire and passing gas? No idea, but I would venture more than one.

Aside from dragon flatulence, read more Fun Facts About Dragons on The Dragon Doc website. Do you have —ahem — a burning question about dragon anatomy, physiology, or behavior? Please ask me! Comment below, or send me a message through my contact form. Your question might be featured in Dragon Fun Facts!

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