Wings and Wounds Published

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I am so excited to announce The Dragon Doc Tales, Book 1: Wings and Wounds is published on Amazon!

I owe many thanks to my editor, Stacey Goitia; cover designer, Nick Zelinger; illustrator, J.M. Burkman; and beta readers Nikki, Tara, Danielle, and Carol. You all are the absolute best!

Not only am I eager to share my novel with you, I’m also thrilled for you to see the amazing illustrations created by my very talented teenager. Collaborating with my kiddo has been great fun, and I am in awe of Mar’s artistic talent. I hope you enjoy the illustrations as much as I do.

Click the link below to find Wings and Wounds on Amazon. And once you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a review!

Wings and Wounds published

Also, The Dragon Doc Tales, a Novelette: Squeaky Hatchling is now available on Amazon as an ebook. Now, wait… isn’t this the one that’s available for free to The Dragon Docnewsletter subscribers? Yes, yes it is. Squeaky Hatchling was added to Amazon as well, because:

  • Squeaky Hatchling is the immediate sequel to Wings and Wounds, so it might as well be available on Amazon as part of the series.
  • Want to write a review? The process of rating books and writing reviews on Amazon is very slick. And please do write a review; I love to hear your feedback!
  • Some people may not want to subscribe to my newsletter ramblings, nor contend with the Bookfunnel download process, and that’s okay. Alternative options are good!

Click the link below to see Squeaky Hatchling on Amazon and/or leave a review!


I’ve received some requests for a print version of Squeaky Hatchling. The novelette is too small to create a standard paperback with a spine, since it is four chapters long and would be only 50-60 pages. If Squeaky Hatchling were published as a chapbook, e.g. a small, bound book with no spine, would you be interested in reading it in print? Comment below to let me know!

Of course, I will keep you updated on upcoming publications. Until next time, watch out for dragons! And as always, thank you for reading my tales.


Dr. S. K. Burkman

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