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Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,

Fittingly, when my daughter turned three years old, she requested a dragon party. ?? And that was right up my alley! So, how did we pull it off?

First, by a huge stroke of luck, the birthday girl made her request shortly following Chinese New Year’s Day that kicked off – get this – the Year of the Dragon. Seriously! Consequently, we were able to find dragon decorations on clearance, including the sizable folding paper dragon that hangs in my study to this day. That’s right, we hung it up for the party, and never took it down. It’s getting a bit dusty these days, but it still looks imposing through my front window!

dragon party

Next, we had this fantastic fire-breathing cake made for the party. Wasn’t she cute?! The dragon cake was constructed from two cake rounds, and really wasn’t that difficult to make: https://buff.ly/3iLagv5 


dragon cake

With our cake, we drank liquid dragon’s breath. How?! We froze red and orange punch into cubes, then poured ginger ale over the frozen dragon’s breath. Between that and the cake, we had a bunch of three year-olds hyped up on sugar, but oh well, that’s what parties are for.


dragon drink


Then, we leveraged the fact that our kiddo’s birthday fell close to Easter, and we held a dragon egg hunt. This was so easy! Little dragon figurines in plastic Easter eggs, plus some candy for good measure, since the kids weren’t already hyper enough. ??


dragon egg party favor


So there you have it! If your kids request a dragon party, there are lots of ways to make it dragon-y and fun. Though you may not be so lucky as to catch Asian Dragons on sale following Chinese New Year. The next Year of the Dragon is 2024!

Please give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc. Already held a dragon party, or having one soon? Please share your photos with me! I want to see all the party dragons!

Thanks for reading my tales! Happy partying. ?? 




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