Dragons in Autumn

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Dear Readers,

I dearly love the many colors of autumn, not to mention the cooler temperatures that arrive with them. And one of my favorite autumn activities is looking for dragons. ? Why? Because the red, orange, and yellow-hued dragons leverage the season to get out-and-about a bit more. Sure, they still camouflage themselves, but they definitely don’t have to work as hard at it.

Try it! Go for a color drive, or a walk, and watch very closely among the autumn leaves. You just might spy a hint of scales, or a wing, or a tail. And even if you don’t see any dragons, at least you will see a bunch of beautiful autumn colors. And that’s just as good of a reason to go!

Speaking of seasonal camouflage, I soooo badly want to see a Frost Dragon. I don’t know for certain that they exist, but the legends say they do. Whenever snow covers the ground, I watch closely for them. Granted, if one came to the clinic for help, that would be new territory for me! I’m so accustomed to treating fire-breathing species or those with stinky breath weapons, frost-breathing would be strange indeed.

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As always, thank you for reading my tales!



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As a busy veterinarian, Dr. Burkman keeps her sanity by writing about dragons. Many of her own adventures and misadventures are woven into her novels.

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