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Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,

Well, at least the dragon respiratory infections are waning. This season has been rough, although getting to see so many dragon hatchlings (soooooo cute!!!) tends to help. But now it’s “popcorn-itis” season. Ugh! 

What is “popcorn-itis,” you ask? In short, it’s a dumb teenage dragon thing. See, adolescent dragons sometimes get their kicks by visiting corn fields at night in the fall, once the standing corn has dried out. They take big mouthfuls of dried corn and then breathe fire on it, popping corn in their mouths. If you’re out there hoping to witness this phenomenon, try the corn mazes where there’s still standing corn and lots of places to hide (but don’t get your hopes up. Dragons are REALLY talented at evasion).


dragon popcorn


This would be wholesome, harmless fun for the teenage dragons, EXCEPT for the fact that they often swallow the resulting freshly popped popcorn. And the gastrointestinal tracts of dragons aren’t designed for popcorn, so the dragons make themselves sick. This may be as mild as bloating, abdominal pain, belching, and flatulence that improve with medications and time. However, sometimes the abdominal pain and bloating are severe and require hospitalization.

What gets me is the dragons KNOW better. Popcorn-itis is totally preventable! Dragons are so smart, and yet the adolescents sometimes make such dumb decisions (kind of like teenage humans). Also, it’s the absolute worst timing when a fiery belch corresponds with flatulence. ??? That’s far more excitement than I need in my life, but the offending dragons often find this to be HILARIOUS, and that makes me SO mad, especially when my clinic gets damaged in the short-lived conflagration. ? 

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Until next time, take care! Let me know if you spy any dragons in the corn fields. ? ? As always, thank you for reading my tales!



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  1. Hah, impulse control is difficult for teens of all species I guess. In fact even for some adults, as I have had to curb my enthusiasm for popcorn over the years b/c I too suffer from popcorn-itis! Maybe I'm part dragon. . . ?

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