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Ever find yourself looking around your yard for one of your dog’s toys, thinking, “Now where could that have gone?” The toy hasn’t been hidden in a pile of leaves, snow hasn’t covered it, and it’s not buried underground (despite your dog’s best efforts). Those bushes along the fence aren’t concealing it. Your dog looks at you intently with that endearing expression: “I dunno where it went! Please find it! I wanna play!” Meanwhile, her tail wags incessantly with anticipation and faith in your ability to unearth the missing object. Then, you kneel to search under your porch or the steps, and your dog takes this as a cue for play time. Now you’re covered in dog slobber, dirt, and bits of grass, and you still haven’t found the toy.

Mystery Solved

Well, if you’ve found yourself in this situation, you know two outcomes are possible. The toy eventually mysteriously reappears (how?!?!?). Or it disappears entirely, never to be seen again. Either way, I may have an explanation for you.

Dragon Fun Fact: now and then, when no one is looking, dragons snitch dog toys they find lying around — and have a GREAT time playing with them. Yep, straight up, dragons steal dog toys. So if your dog’s favorite toy goes missing, it might have been swiped by a dragon. And if you ever find it again, it may be covered in sticky, smelly dragon slobber. Gross. Not only is dragon slobber stinkier than dog slobber, touching it may make your skin itch. Consider yourself forewarned.

Fun Facts About Dragons

Read more about various items dragons steal for their hoards, or simply for play, in Fun Facts About Dragons. Do you have a — ahem — burning question about dragon anatomy, physiology, or behavior? Please ask! Comment on the blog, or send me a message through the contact form. I might feature your question in my newsletter, on the blog, or on the Dragon Fun Facts page.

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