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Warning: terrible jokes ahead

What is a dragon’s favorite appetizer? If you dare, read on for the punchline, as well as other terrible jokes.

Recently, an idea struck me, no doubt the product of sleep deprivation and a hefty dose of insanity. Those who know me in real life are rather familiar with my endless joking. In particular, I’m fond of terrible “dad jokes.” And I’m not even a dad. I’m a faux pa.


It’s okay. I’ll get my coat.

Anyway, it’s been a long while since I updated The Dragon Doc website, so I decided to run with my idea and add dragon puns on thedragondoc.com. And I need your help!

Please tell me your dragon puns! All of them, good and bad! Even better if they’re less ridiculous than the “dad jokes” I’ve added to my site.

So what is a dragon’s favorite appetizer? Hot wings, of course!

Oh, come on, was it that bad? What?! I’m fired?!?


I’ll show myself out.

Clearly, I need help. Please give me all the dragon jokes you’ve got! If I laugh at loud at your pun, I’ll feature it on the blog, in my newsletter, and perhaps even on the website, as well!


Dr. S.K. Burkman

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