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Hello Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,

Welcome! It’s great to see you here. I haven’t seen a single sick or injured dragon on this grey, rainy day in Idaho (though I shouldn’t type that out loud… the day isn’t over!). That’s a welcome relief, since the respiratory infections have been *harsh* this fall.  The little hatchlings are SOOO cute, but it’s very sad to see them so ill. I’ve also seen respiratory infections in much older dragons than usual (like this guy below), which worries me. Some of them have been really sick!

Dragon with respiratory infection

As for the novel, The Dragon Doc Tales, I don’t yet have a release date. But don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted! Plan to see it sometime in 2022. Also, I’ve taken advantage of this quiet day to organize some of my dragon medical notes in preparation for publishing a textbook (if I can get the publishers to take me seriously). And just for entertainment, I assembled some “fun facts” about dragons.

For instance, did you know that female dragons, just like female reptiles and birds, may occasionally become “egg bound,” which means they have difficulty passing an egg? Egg binding is not only extremely painful, it can be life-threatening.

Also, did you know that among other things, dragons have chromatophores, similar to chameleons, to camouflage themselves? Although dragons’ camouflage abilities are definitely next level.

For more fun facts about dragons, be sure to check out the “fun fact” section on my website. And check back again soon, because new facts will be posted regularly. I have a whole textbook’s worth to share!

Is there anything you’re wondering about dragon anatomy, physiology, or veterinary medicine for dragons? Ask away! Feel free to contact me here.

While you’re at it, please say hello on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc. I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thanks for reading my tales!


Dr. S. K. Burkman, The Dragon Doc


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