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Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,

I’m so happy to see you on thedragondoc.com! It has been sooo much fun to collaborate with my web designer to build this.

While you’re here, be sure to peruse the new website for lots of great stuff! There’s an author bio, and the very best part about that is the AMAZING image gallery. The gallery defies description — you just have to see it! Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. And increase your dragon knowledge by browsing Fun Facts About Dragons. You’ll find everything from anatomy,  physiology, and behavior facts to actual items found in dragon hoards. Be sure to check back for new Fun Facts, since these will be updated on a regular basis!

Next, please subscribe! Signing up on thedragondoc.com is quick and easy, and it’s the very best way to learn about new blog posts, publishing updates, exclusive content, and maaaayyyyyybe the occasional giveaway. Anticipate notifications about once a week.

Important to note, ALL future blog posts will happen on the new site: thedragondoc.com/blog. That’s right, there will be NO further blog posts on Blogspot. Again, please subscribe on thedragondoc.com so you’ll receive notifications about new posts. Looking for an older blog post? They’re all here! That’s right, even the earliest posts with whole (pre-editing) chapters from The Dragon Doc Tales are right here on thedragondoc.com/blog.

Finally, please give a round of applause to my talented web designer, Elena Saygo. Not only does Elena have fantastic web development skills, she has THE most creative ideas. And her photoshop skills are nothing short of ah-MAZ-ing! Elena, you rock! Find Elena on elenasaygo.com.

When you’re in between browsing the website, please say hello on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc. I love to hear from readers! You may also contact me directly using the contact form on the thedragondoc.com.

As always, thank you for reading my tales!


The Dragon Doc

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As a busy veterinarian, Dr. Burkman keeps her sanity by writing about dragons. Many of her own adventures and misadventures are woven into her novels.