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Excerpt from chapter #15, “Road Trip”:

? ? ? ? ? 

        Jon and I rushed about, hurriedly packing things into the car as we readied ourselves and the baby for the trip. My eyes were gritty from lack of sleep, and I informed my husband he’d be responsible for driving until I’d caught up on some rest. As I poured myself the third cup of tea, Jon materialized at my side.

“Do I want to know what’s in the Rubbermaid bin with holes cut in the top?”

Taking a large swallow of caffeine before answering, I replied, “No, you most definitely do NOT want to know what’s in the Rubbermaid bin.”

Moments went by as he gawked at me, guessing the truth but not wanting to believe it….


Thus we embarked on the oddest road trip ever undertaken, with an infant human and a Rubbermaid bin that contained a sick dragon hatchling stuffed into our car.


? ? ? ? ? 


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