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Hello, Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales,

    Whew! What a crazy few weeks. My week on call for emergencies for “real” patients (you know, dogs and cats and the occasional small mammal) coincided with the absolute WORST week for respiratory infections in juvenile dragons. In other words, I’ve been BUSY. And constantly dodging fire sneezes is exhausting. My nerves are shot! However none of my shoes have been ruined so far during this flame-sneezing season, so I consider that to be a win! (Missing some scorched arm hairs, but hey, those will grow back). I still miss my old Keens that were so badly toasted years ago by the sneezing dragon. Those were among my all-time favorite shoes.

    News in the world of The Dragon Doc Tales: the talented Elena Saygo is working on my new website. She’s undoubtedly amused at my amateur website-building attempts. After all, the last time I learned any web design was html coding in 1996, only a few minutes ago. ? Glad to have Elena’s expertise! Also, editing by the talented Stacey Goitia is coming along nicely. And my talented artist, Jaedynn, continues to churn out dragon drawings in between schoolwork. I’m surrounded by so much talent!

    Please give me a shout on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @IAmTheDragonDoc. I’m an “old hand” at Facebook (read: addicted), although I successfully avoided social media for several years. However Instagram and Twitter are new to me, and let’s just say my feeds have been… quiet. ???? But hey, at least that gives me the opportunity to get through the learning curve, right?

    Enjoy this excerpt from chapter 11, “Puppy Dog Dragon”:


? ? ? ? ? 


Closing his eyes in contentment, the inky little dragon leaned into my hand as I scratched behind his jaw. Seizing the opportunity, Jon approached the little creature. “Awww, you’re just a little guy!” he said in a sing-song voice. The dragon turned to face him and blinked his captivating green eyes, then violently sneezed.

I’d let my guard down and jumped. The little dragon shook his head and then sneezed again, blowing nasal discharge onto the gravel of the parking lot, but luckily no fire. It took me a few moments to figure out where Jon had disappeared; he had retreated around the corner of the building, and was now tentatively peeking around the corner.

“Be careful with the sneezes, okay?! You might accidentally start a forest fire.”


? ? ? ? ? 



    Until next time, take care, and watch out for sneezing dragons! As always, thank you for reading my tales!


The Dragon Doc

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