Wings and Wounds Published

I am so excited to announce The Dragon Doc Tales, Book 1: Wings and Wounds is published on Amazon! I owe many thanks to my editor, Stacey Goitia; cover designer, Nick Zelinger; illustrator, J.M. Burkman; and beta readers Nikki, Tara, Danielle, and Carol. You all are the absolute best! Not only am I eager to share my … Read more

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Hello Readers! My family and I were able to travel some this summer for the first time in a LONG while, as I’m sure is the case for many of you. While on our adventures, I encountered many dragons in their natural habitats, and I’ll fill you in on those over the next few posts (or newsletters for subscribers). … Read more

Dragon Giveaway

Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Congratulations to Margaret, the winner of The Dragon Doc’s holiday dragon giveaway! It’s been a couple weeks since the adorable hatchling was rehomed with her, and I hope all is going well. I’ve been checking the reports for house fires in her area daily, and I haven’t heard … Read more

Now Hiring Dragon Vet

Hiring part-time or full-time DVM…. LARGE animal patients are seen on a walk-in (or fly-in) basis.

Rainy Day Dragon Facts

Hello Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Welcome! It’s great to see you here. I haven’t seen a single sick or injured dragon on this grey, rainy day in Idaho (though I shouldn’t type that out loud… the day isn’t over!). That’s a welcome relief, since the respiratory infections have been *harsh* this fall.  The … Read more

Dragons in Autumn

Dear Readers, I dearly love the many colors of autumn, not to mention the cooler temperatures that arrive with them. And one of my favorite autumn activities is looking for dragons. ? Why? Because the red, orange, and yellow-hued dragons leverage the season to get out-and-about a bit more. Sure, they still camouflage themselves, but … Read more

Dragon Party

Dear Readers of The Dragon Doc Tales, Fittingly, when my daughter turned three years old, she requested a dragon party. ?? And that was right up my alley! So, how did we pull it off? First, by a huge stroke of luck, the birthday girl made her request shortly following Chinese New Year’s Day that … Read more